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About Us

When you visit a blog site devoted exclusively to doctors and the medical profession, in all probability you would expect to get all local information about those practising in your area or at most referrals about top specialists. However, we at go much beyond that and that is what has made our site very attractive and meaningful for visitors.

What do we have to offer? Our primary focus is on doctors and the various specialisations and career opportunities open to them. We bring you job profiles of the various fields in the medical profession as well as the institutes offering the courses and their duration. With this information, aspiring medical professionals can choose the career that exactly matches what they are looking for.

Apart from this, we also concentrate on various aspects of the medical sector. Various innovations are being introduced almost on a daily basis and we try to keep track of them and bring them to the knowledge of our readers. This can range from technological advancement in equipment or new treatment methodologies. Those in the health care environment therefore find our blog site extremely helpful and interesting.

Even though we have a team of dedicated researchers constantly on the job of locating the latest in news, views, studies and information related to this niche, we understand that there are lots more that we are unable to cover on our own because of the vastness of the subject. We therefore request serious bloggers and writers with in-depth knowledge of this niche of doctors and the medical profession to contribute to our blog site and make it more significant.

We do not have any restrictions on the topics that can be taken up by the writers; it has only to be ensured that it is related to this niche. However, we feel that a few examples of the areas that can be covered might help. Bloggers can write in about the latest techniques of treatment prevalent in different countries that are new to the profession and have proved successful. Another area that can be touched upon is the specialised courses being offered in various institutes around the world and how or when to apply for them. This information is not always easily available.

Bloggers can include images and infographic in their content to highlight any issue. We will inform by email once the blogs are published on our site.