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Top 5 jobs in the Medical Field

If you aspire to be in the medical profession, you will have a wide choice of careers and specialisations. Some might be very complex and require years of studies and internships. Others can be just a matter of finishing a three year course after graduation and slowly learning the ropes through advanced specified programs. In both these cases health care experts look after illness and injury and help to diagnose and treat patients in various settings such as residential, hospitals, clinics and even commercial establishments. The employment growth in this sector is among the highest and there is an increasing demand for health care professionals in almost every country of the world.

What then are some of the top jobs in the medical field?

  • Dentists – Dentists are concerned with all issues related to the teeth, gums and mouth. It includes extracting teeth and filling cavities, straightening teeth and treating other serious problems. An offshoot is being a dental technician who is trained in constructing and repairing dentures and crowns and works in close coordination with the dentist.
  • Paediatrician – This is a very sensitive area but gives immense satisfaction. A Paediatrician is one who takes primary responsibility of the physical, emotional and social well-being of children, right from infancy till such time that they attain early adulthood. Within this field there are many sub-specialities such as neonatology, oncology and haematology.
  • Obstetrician and Gynaecologist – This profession is focussed primarily on women’s reproductive health and child birth. While gynaecology is concerned with women’s child bearing issues an obstetrician is a surgeon who deals with child birth. Apart from these primary functions, they also undertake “well-woman” exams as well as contraception management and screening for HPV.
  • Surgeon – A surgeon operates on patients to correct deformities and treat certain injuries and illnesses. Unlike a physician, surgeons follow invasive correctional methodologies. Specialisations include orthopaedic, cardiovascular, neurological and plastic surgery. Those aspiring to be a surgeon should be prepared for constant stress.
  • Optometrist – An Optometrist performs a variety of tests to determine eyesight issues. It is generally related to near or far sightedness for which patients are prescribed contacts or glasses. Optometrists also carry out vision therapy and test for such diseases as glaucoma and other diabetic related problems of the eye.

These are just a few of the career opportunities in the medical field with lucrative job profiles. There are many such areas that can be taken up by a potential health care specialist.